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Air Fresheners:
Bobson Air Freshener Dispenser 220S
Bobson hygiene automatic air freshener dispensers. Improve the ambiance of any room or corridor with this automatic aerosol air freshener. Requires 1x D cell battery and an aerosol freshener refill to...
1+   25.50
Air Freshener Kit Automatic Dispenser + Duracell + 4 Aerosols
This Bobson electronic automatic aerosol air freshener starter kit uses metered aerosols to provide a pleasant room fragrance. A dispenser, duracell battery and four aerosols are provided at an un...
1+   39.95
Aerosol air freshener various fragrances refills
Aerosol air freshener for various automatic dispensers

This is our current complete list of air freshener fragrances from a vaiety of manufacturers.

When purchasing these aerosols fo...
1+   4.75
Automatic Aerosol Air Freshener (case of 12)
These automatic air freshener aerosols for use in our automatic dispensers provide in excess of 3000 metered aerosol sprays of perfumed air freshener.

This means that in a dispenser set to ...
1+   43.20
Air Freshener aerosols for automatic dispensers (1)
These air fresheners are designed to enhance the ambient environment wherever they are used.

The aerosols are for use in automatic aerosol dispensers providing per aerosol in excess of 3000 ...
1+   4.75
Norsan Sanfresh specialist deodourising additive 5 Ltrs
Norsan Sanfresh kills the bacteria that cause odours and leaves a fresh fragrance.
It produces excellent results when used as an additive in the water used for cleaning carpets where it instantl...
1+   19.50